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Pit Tag  i-Tag 162

- for tagging fish & animals

Our bestseller & most popular PIT Tag

for tagging fish & animals.




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The Pit Tag i-Tag 162

is a passive glass transponder especially designed for fish and animal identification.

It's a world standard Pit tag used on millions of animals and fish around the world.

ISO Standard Pit Tag

in compliance to ISO 11784 /11785 fdx-b. and it will work perfectly together with other equipment and products using the standard.

The most common

and widely approved Pit Tag in the world. Used by governments, institutions, the fish industry, for animal identification, scientific research and wild life management.

For Fish &  animal identification

that requires a unique id, a dependable system and reliability.  A Pit Tag with unmatched quality that is built to last for years to come.

(Our first Pit Tags are +20 years and still working.)

Common Applications

- Pit Tags for tagging fish & salmon.

- Laboratory identification of lab mouse, mice & rat instead of ear tags.

- Scientific research and studies of animal populations.

- Game and Wild life management.

Customer satisfaction

- 100% satisfaction guaranteed

- Our Pit Tags just works, year after year.


- 2 x 12mm bio glass transponder

- Operating temp -25°C up to 85°C

- EM4105

- The most rigours testing IEC 68-2-6/29

- European manufacturing


ISO 11784 / 11785 | fdx-b | 134,2 kHz

System components

System-components-that-will-work-together.png  IMP-90pit | NE-100/162

  ISO readers & antennas

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